Christmas Emergency Treatment in Edinburgh

We love Edinburgh at Christmas time. There are so many attractions and things to do for you and your loved ones. Have you visited the Street of Light? Taken a spin on the Big Wheel or lost yourself in the Christmas Tree Maze yet?

We also love all the food and drinks associated with the festive period, Christmas cake, ‘Clootie dumpling’, the shortbreads and the sweet and delicious ‘Tablet’ but let’s spare a little thought for our teeth. All this sweet stuff and regular grazing over the few days of Christmas and Boxing Day can be a nightmare for our poor old teeth.

Sugars in our foods and drinks mix with the bacteria in the plaque on your teeth and produce acids. These acids attack the tooth enamel. Consuming sweet food and drinks between meals is a major factor of tooth decay and over Christmas as we tend to snack throughout the day, there is no between-meal time for our teeth to undergo recovery. The more often you eat and drink sugary foods and beverages the higher the risk of tooth decay.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as if you do have any dental problems during the festive period, we are offering emergency care here at the Barnton Dental Practice.

Emergency services we offer:

  • Guaranteed same day emergency appointment with an experienced dentist
  • All options discussed and full estimates given
  • All necessary treatment required to alleviate pain will be undertaken during this appointment
  • Any lost fillings, broken teeth, lost crowns/veneers/bridges will also be treated with permanent solutions provided where possible
  • Broken dentures repaired within 24 hours


We are here if you need us and we wish you all a great Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2017!