Make a splash with a sunnier smile

Now the sun is starting to shine a little brighter and fun-filled summer holidays are looming temptingly on the horizon, our moods are starting to lighten – so why not treat your teeth to a little extra shininess too and check in for a smile makeover.

We can offer a sunny selection of smile smartening solutions to help you beam brightly through the summer months. Whether you have crooked, chipped or less than white teeth – we can help them look a whole lot better.

Dull and duller (not!)

If you’re OK with your teeth but they‘re just a little on the dull side, why not treat them to a touch of whitening. This is a simple but highly effective treatment that can pep up your smile by removing stubborn stains. It can also make you look a whole lot younger by achieving a noticeably lighter and more youthful shade.

Straight up!

If gappy, overcrowded or just plain wonky teeth are your dental bugbear then why not go straight? Obviously we won’t be able sort your smile in time for summertime fun but we can start the straightening process so you’ll be all set to flash a winter grin.

We offer a selection of adult-friendly options to neaten up your smile including:

  • ‘barely there’ clear plastic aligners
  • quick smart systems that can treat teeth in as little as six months
  • discreet and super quick appliances for those teeth that show when you smile

Don’t miss out!

If the main issue with your teeth is that they are simply not there, we can replace them. And even if you’re not bothered by the odd gap, it is worth knowing that missing teeth can negatively impact your oral health, as well as spoiling your smile. When teeth are in their rightful place, they stimulate your jawbone and keep it strong. If they are missing, the unstimulated bone can start to shrink. Also gaps in your smile can encourage any remaining teeth to move around – this can cause food to get stuck which leads to all kinds of unpleasant problems.

We can help sort out these pesky gaps by filling them in with:

  • Dental implants – a realistic, long lasting solution consisting of titanium posts topped off with replacement teeth
  • Partial or full dentures – natural looking and affordable false teeth
  • Bridgework – to span the gaps in your smile

Crafty cover up

We’re experts at covering up your chipped, cracked or uneven teeth, either with clever cosmetic bonding applied then and there in chair, or tooth-like veneers and crowns that will need to be specially made just for you and provide great looking, customised cover ups.

So whether you just want brighter teeth or a complete smile overhaul, our ravishing range of treatments will give you that summertime feeling! Call us on 0131 336 3354 and step into summer with a much wider smile on your face!