Get some star treatment with Cfast

You’ll be keeping some pretty starry company if you opt for Cfast because this revolutionary orthodontic wonder is fast becoming the brace of choice for a clutch of high profile celebs -thanks to the speedy and discreet way it sorts out unruly teeth.

The beauty of Cfast is that it employs a quick, yet gentle, action to realign only those upper and lower front teeth that show when you flash your smile. These teeth are known as the ‘social six’ and by focusing solely on these, the straightening process can take place much more quickly than traditional orthodontic treatments.

So why is Cfast the pick of the bracey bunch?

  • More comfy than traditional ‘train track’ braces
  • Rapid results with straighter teeth a possibility in as little 6 months!
  • Clear brackets and tooth coloured wires make Cfast adult friendly
  • Not as forceful as other braces because it only moves those teeth that are ‘on show’
  • More predictable movement of your wayward teeth
  • Cheaper option because the treatment time is so short
  • Will not affect how you speak or eat so you can get on with your daily life

How does this barely there brace actually work?

This subtle treatment can either be used discreetly on the front of the teeth, or even more inconspicuously, fixed on the inside of the teeth so the brace simply doesn’t show. This means there’s no need to feel self-conscious about wearing braces as they are kept neatly out of the way.

Treatment involves the attachment of unobtrusive Cfast brackets to the front or back of your teeth to which thin nickel titanium wires are then fitted. The appliance will then quickly and gently move the front six teeth into a neater, more cosmetically pleasing position and as a Cfast brace is designed just for you, it offers a more efficient and much less intrusive experience.

While undergoing treatment, you will need to come to us for regular adjustment appointments and so we can check the progress of the re-alignment. It’s also important to remember to keep on top of your oral hygiene and brush carefully around your braces to avoid any food getting stuck in awkward places and to make sure you teeth stay as plaque free as possible.

After the super speedy treatment, and as with all tooth straightening procedures, you will have to wear a retainer to keep your lovely lined-up teeth firmly in place

So if you’re looking for neater teeth in super quick time then give us a call on 0131 336 3354.