Your dental care – sorted!

We are delighted to offer you the option to pay for your dental care in bite-size chunks so you can plan for your mouth maintenance and are never hit with unexpected bills. Our handy payment plans are run by Denplan, the UK’s leading dental payment plan specialist. They cover routine visits to the dentist and hygienist, and help you spread the cost of your dental care by paying a fixed monthly fee.

We offer a pick of plans to suit your oral health and budget:

Denplan Essentials – this covers your routine (but very important) dental care to help prevent problems from worsening and keep your teeth and gums in tip top condition. You only pay for restorative treatment as you need it. It includes:

  • Essential dental check-ups (so we can keep an eye on your teeth)
  • Hygiene appointments (for frequent freshen ups and gum checks)
  • Dental x-rays (to take a look behind the scenes)
  • Preventive dental advice (so you can give your mouth some TLC at home)
  • 10% off any necessary private treatment
  • Supplementary Insurance, arranged by Denplan, which provides you with worldwide dental injury and emergency cover, and access to Denplan’s 24-hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline (T&Cs apply)

It’s really easy to set up and there’s no need for a pre-assessment, so what are you waiting for? Your teeth will love you for it…

Denplan Care – this more comprehensive plan also pays for your regular preventive dental care, but many of your restorative treatments too. To take advantage of this top notch plan, you will need a dental assessment as the monthly cost is dependent on your oral health – so we will need get nosy where your mouth is concerned.

It includes all of the above Denplan Essentials benefits but instead of 10% off treatment it covers the cost of:

  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Periodontal (gum) treatment
  • Crowns, bridges, dentures, inlays (but, sorry, not lab fees)

Remember, hooking up with your dentist regularly means problems can be spotted early – reducing the need for potentially costly and more complicated procedures. Denplan payment plans help you budget for your family’s dental care – with no sneaky hidden costs – so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and what you’ll get in return, and you can rest assured that your treasured teeth will be wonderfully well cared for.

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