How clean can you go?

At Barnton Dental, we are very lucky to have two qualified hygienists who go out of their way to make sure your teeth and gums stay spick and span.

Tackling tenacious tartar

Even if you brush like a boss, you simply won’t be able to prevent the daily build-up of plaque and stubborn tartar. These dastardly deposits come with some pretty nasty stuff, like bleeding gums and soreness, and they can lead to tooth threatening gum disease if not properly removed.

Our helpful hygiene stars will scale and polish your teeth to perfection, offering effective removal of tartar and giving your teeth a really deep clean. This double whammy of tooth care not only gets rid of destructive debris but also stops the bad bits sticking around, as well as adding a blast of freshness and a sensationally silky feel to your teeth.

Gummy cares

Our hygienists will also assess your gums for signs of disease and offer a potentially life-saving check for the early signs of mouth cancer. If they do spot any issues they will provide top notch periodontal treatment to prevent it from getting any worse.

It really does pay to hook up with our hygienists because poor gum health has been worryingly linked to a number of serious conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Heed helpful hygiene advice

As well as all this hands-on help, our hygienists will also offer plenty of top toothy advice to help you take care of your teeth at home, including tips on diet and smoking. They will teach you how to improve your brushing techniques, and how to clean between teeth with interdental brushes and floss.

So learn from the best and become an expert in your own bathroom – that way you can keep your teeth beautifully clean and healthy at all times.

Early start

Don’t forget to introduce your little ones to our hygiene treatments too, so they can learn to take hygiene visits in their stride. We can also apply tooth varnishes to strengthen their precious enamel and fissure sealants to protect young teeth from decay.

Get some therapy!

As well as being qualified hygienists, our dedicated duo are also dental therapists, which means they are trained to perform a number of procedures on baby teeth, including pulp therapy, extractions and placement of pre-fabricated crowns. They can also offer routine restorations for both baby and adult teeth.

Give us a call on 0131 336 3354 to arrange an appointment and treat your treasured teeth to an all-important deep clean!