Barnton Dental to the Rescue!

We know how scary and inconvenient a dental emergency can be, which is why we offer a guaranteed emergency appointment with a qualified (and very helpful) dentist on the very same day as any mouthy mishap.

During this appointment we’ll discuss all your options and give full estimates for any treatment that may be required. And, perhaps most importantly, we’ll also do everything we can to minimise any pain you may be experiencing.

We’ll also permanently treat any fillings that have gone AWOL, patch up broken teeth, and sort out missing crowns, veneers or bridges. We’ll even make sure damaged dentures are repaired within 24 hours so you’ll be back in the smiling game before you know it.

It’s important not to ignore a dental disaster, because if not addressed quickly, it can lead to permanent damage or more lengthy (and pricey) treatment down the line. Obviously we’ll try to see you as soon as we can but in the meantime follow these top tooth care tips for more comfort and to ensure the best outcome for any subsequent treatment:

Troublesome toothache

Swish warm water around your mouth and use dental floss to remove any irritating bits of food lodged between your teeth. If you are starting to resemble a greedy hamster, use a cold compress to ease the swelling and try taking paracetamol or ibuprofen, but be sure to follow the packet instructions.

Abhorrent abscesses

Rinse your poor mouth with warm salty water and try and see us as soon as possible if you discover a painful spot-like swelling on your gum. If you develop both severe pain and flu-like symptoms then it’s probably best if you head down to A&E ASAP.

Stem the tide

Stem any bleeding from the tongue, cheeks, gums and lips by rinsing with salty water. You can also apply a moistened piece of gauze or a tea bag to the affected area for 15-20 minutes or use a cold compress for 5-10 minutes. If the bleeding just doesn’t stop then you may need to nip to A&E.

Lost something?

If you can find it, hold the tooth by the crown and rinse with water but don’t be too eager to scrub it or remove any little bits of tissue. If you can, pop the tooth back in its original position but make sure it’s the right way round!

If you don’t fancy putting your disembodied tooth back in its place then pop it in some milk (or water containing a pinch of salt) and see us as quickly as you can so we have the best chance of saving your absent friend.

For a tooth that has been pushed out of position, apply a cold compress and take pain relief. If it is hanging ‘by a thread’ then try to push it back in place and keep it there until you can see us.

Cover up

This is simple – stick a piece of chewing gum into the cavity or use over-the-counter dental cement to keep it well covered.

Crown down

You can try to slip the crown back in place with some dental cement, toothpaste or special adhesive but DO NOT attempt dodgy repairs with superglue.

Bothersome braces

If a wire breaks and is proving a pain, try pushing it into a more comfortable position with your finger nail or the rubber end of a pencil, or you can stop it being so annoying by covering with cotton wool or wax.

Chipped or broken teeth

Try to collect any chipped off pieces of tooth, then swill your mouth with warm water. Reduce unwelcome swelling with a cold compress and if there is any bleeding hold a piece of gauze to the affected area until it finally stops.