6 Month Smiles

Half a year to a happier mouth

If your crooked, spaced out or misaligned teeth have always bugged you but you really don’t fancy having them marred by massive metal braces for months on end, the innovative Six Month Smiles® system will set them straight in a much more subtle and speedier way.

This tidy treatment can give you straighter teeth in around six months so you could be sporting a brand new smile just in time for all those festive photos around the Christmas tree. And as well as being quick, these secretive little braces include clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, so people will hardly notice you’re undergoing a little rearrangement in the tooth department.

Fast but not furious

This innovative treatment uses the very latest technology to work quickly and safely on just those teeth that show when you smile. And despite being superfast, this smart system uses low forces to move teeth nice and gently – focusing on how your teeth will look rather than the position of your bite.
Despite its speed, the Six Month Smiles® has no more risk of root damage than traditional braces and because the forces used are lighter, the risk is actually lower.

How do these cunning braces work?

First, we need to check your teeth are suitable candidates for this short term treatment. If they are, we will take impressions to produce models. These are sent to a laboratory where your braces will be expertly produced to your unique requirements.

When you come for your fitting we will bond the little brackets to your teeth and then put those essential tooth moving wires in place.

You will then need to visit us every 2-4 weeks to have your braces adjusted – each time edging a little bit closer to a smarter smile.

Are quicker straighter smiles more painful ones?

All braces feel a little odd at first but this will soon pass and over-the-counter painkillers will help to relieve any discomfort.

Keep them in line!
As with any straightening treatment, a retainer is necessary to keep your more beautiful smile in line. If you don’t take this precaution, your newly aligned teeth may start reverting to their old ways! There are a number of options available so you can pick the retainer type that suits you best.
If you’re miserable about your misbehaving teeth and fancy a fabulous smile faster – give us a call on 0131 336 3354 and we’ll get straight to it!
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