CEREC at Barnton Dental

As part of the European and Canadian Sirona Advocates Group, I have recently returned from the Sirona CEREC30 conference, in Las Vegas, a celebration of 30 years of the ground breaking CEREC technology. CEREC allows the same day digital in-surgery design and manufacture of crowns,veneers, bridges and implant crowns, to the highest specification of accuracy, fit and aesthetics.

The conference was informative and interesting, with a range of excellent speakers, including highly respected motivational speaker Tony Robbins, author of many motivational and business books.

Having just installed our 3d Cone Beam Scanner at Barnton Dental, I was particularly interested in the integration of 3d with our CEREC technology, and I am delighted to advise we are now currently one of the only practices offering this integrated technology in the UK, it really is a remarkable procedure offering many benefits to our patients.

I am now personally working with CEREC to the highest levels, I am a CERECDoctors mentor, and a Sirona Advocate, and I am now involved in teaching and mentoring CEREC practice in the UK and in Scottsdale, Arizona.

John Gall – October 2015